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Harley-Davidson Goes Electric With Its New Bike

All of the motor-bike lovers have a special place in their hearts for Harley-Davidson. The US-founded company has been in the bike manufacturing business for over 100 years and has recently begun focusing on innovative technologies. This shift of focus has led Harley-Davidson to manufacture amazing and unique series of bikes. Harley-Davidson has been teasing the idea of an electric bike for about five years now. This time at CES 2019, the company has finally delivered. The LiveWire electric motorcycle has been reviewed numerous times in motorbike and tech industry.

The LiveWire electric motorcycle was already being anticipated from CES 2019, what Harley-Davidson did out of the blue is surprising the audience with the launch of, additional, two new electric motorbikes.

The LiveWire electric motorcycle is available for pre-order and is the company’s first electric motorcycle. It is priced at $29,799. It is exceptionally well-designed – not a surprise since the manufacturing company is Harley-Davidson. The wonderful design is infused throughout the build of the bike and its performance.

It comes with a fully adjustable Showa suspension, Michelin sports tires, cornering enhanced anti-lock brakes, and traction control. The LiveWire offers a range of 177km of mixed highway/city riding. It offers acceleration of 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds. Another interesting feature of the LiveWire is the connectivity that it offers. Harley-Davidson came up with a suite of connected services that have been enabled by an LTE-connected Telematics Control Unit that has been hidden under the seat of the bike. Using this particular feature, the rider is able to remain completely connected to the bike and surrounding areas thus providing the rider with incredible riding experience.

The two prototypes shown off by Harley-Davidson are the dirt bike and moped prototypes. There is very little information available about the new electric bikes. However, what is certain is that these bikes embody a radical and new beginning for the company.

Jennifer Hoyer from media relations of the company said, ‘Both electric concepts provide enhanced attainability for customers around the world. These premium entry-level concepts widen accessibility both for new audiences, and the traditional Harley-Davidson customer. Our goal for these concepts is not to require a motorcycle license to operate and feature clutch-free operation, lowering the learning curve and increasing access to attract new riders in the process.’

What do you think of this new approach that Harley-Davidson is taking? Are you excited to see what the future holds? Do let us know!