What happens If You Put Your Automatic Car In Park While Driving At 65 Mph? This Guy Tries It Out


We know what would happen to a car if you put it in reverse while driving forward and also if you push the On/Off button while running the car. Now it’s time to go even crazier.

This brave man from AutoVlog puts his car to the test again as he succumbs to the YouTube fan requests and puts his car in Parking while speeding at 65 mph.

So what was the screeching noise? The video doesn’t elaborate, but most probably it was the little metal tab that is used in the parking mechanism to lock the transmission when the driver puts the car into park. Force it too hard, and you can actually shear the tab off as it tries to lock the mechanism at high speeds. Had the Youtuber not put the car back into drive, the parking sequence would have initiated as soon as the speeds dropped around 5 mph and the car would have come to a halt very quickly.

In short, it’s best not to try this with your own car.


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  1. James Smith Reply

    After testing this idea, I would recommend changing the transmission fluid and carefully inspecting the old fluid and the transmission filter for metal particles. You can even have a laboratory analysis done. Otherwise, your transmission may surprise you one day by saying, “I quit”. No two weeks of notice just, “I’m done.”

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