Halo Back Is A New Screen Protector That Adds A Back Button To Your iPhone

Halo Back Adds A Back Button To Your iPhone 3

What’s the biggest problem that you face when you’re using an iPhone? If you’re like most of Apple users your reply would be the fact that you need to reach to the top left corner in order to go back on most of the menus. Compare that with an Android phone where you simply tap to the back button right next to home button – convenience at its best, right? The Halo Back effectively deals with this issue of iPhone. It is a screen protector for the iPhone and imparts a back button to the left of home button and has already raised funds six times more than its intended goal on Kickstarter.Halo Back Adds A Back Button To Your iPhone 4

The idea of reaching the top left corner for hitting ‘back’ becomes a problem when you are using a single hand for your phone. This is where this nifty screen protector comes in with a dual purpose; it will protect your phone and shall also add a back button close to the home button. It costs $12.Halo Back Adds A Back Button To Your iPhone 2

As of now, it works on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The Halo Back makes use of a capacitative sensor that is capable of detecting a touch at bottom of screen. Rest of the screen works like any normal screen would.Halo Back Adds A Back Button To Your iPhone

15 days still remain before the Kickstarter campaign ends for this amazing gadget. If all goes according to plan, the team shall begin deliveries in August, 2015.

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