Hackers Have Stolen Nearly $615 Million From A Blockchain Game Network

Ronin is utilized in Axie Infinity, one of the country’s most popular cryptocurrency-based online games. Its offerings include a mobile wallet for holding cryptocurrency as well as a “gateway” that lets players transfer monies in and out of the game. This is where the cryptocurrency was taken. Ronin is named after feudal Japan’s samurai soldiers who did not obey any single emperor. The moniker “symbolizes our intention to take control of the fate of our business,” according to Axie Infinity in a series of posts. Hackers have stolen about $615 million in bitcoin from a blockchain project tied to the famous online game Axie Infinity, the newest cyber heist to rock the technology platform market.

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“The majority of the hijacked monies are still in the hacker’s wallet,” Ronin said in a post announcing the heist. ” Ronin was still investigating the matter but stated that hackers obtained secret “codes” in order to extract digital payments. “We understand that confidence must be gained, and we are using the utmost advanced security mechanisms and protocols to prevent potential intrusions,” Ronin added. According to Sky Mavis, over 35% of Axie Infinity traffic and the majority of its 2.5 million daily active players originate in the Philippines, where high English proficiency, a robust gaming subculture, and extensive smartphone usage have fuelled its success.

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The attack highlighted flaws in the emerging decentralized finance, Defi sector, in which players trade, acquire, and save in virtual currency, circumventing traditional financial intermediaries such as banks and exchanges. “The hack was caused by social control, not a technological weakness,” claimed Aleksander Larsen, Sky Mavis’ operations officer and co-founder. Although subscribers are no longer able to deduct or deposit monies to Ronin Network, he stated that Sky Mavis is dedicated to recovering or reimbursing any depleted coins.

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It is one of the most significant cyber assaults utilizing cryptocurrency. This isn’t the first time a huge sum of bitcoin has been taken in a computer assault. In August, for example, an “ethical” hacker took the amount of $600 million from the Poly Network platform before restoring it a few days later. The United States also just reported the recovery of $3.6 billion in bitcoins stolen from the Bitfinex virtual trading system in 2016. They were worth approximately $71 million at the time.

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