Hackers Claim That They Have Already Hacked iPhone X’s Face ID System

The release of iPhone X on November 3 has apparently given an invitation to hackers all across the globe who wanted to challenge the company’s futuristic and seamless form of authentication. And while we are talking about it, hackers on the far side of the world have already cracked the face ID  by using a very simple technique that anyone could come up with.

In a video released this Friday by a Vietnamese security firm Bkav, it is shown that the hackers have hacked the expensive security system of the newly released phone using just a 3D printed, silicon facemask, duplicating the features of the owner of the phone.

Source: Wired

It’s not as alarming as it sounds and it shouldn’t bother an average iPhone user as well, since who’d go through all that trouble to find empty chatboxes and a few harmless selfies.

“Potential targets shall not be regular users, but billionaires, leaders of major corporations, national leaders, and agents like FBI need to understand the Face ID’s issue,” the Bkav researchers write.

The researchers seem to disagree with the hackers saying that the technique is not that simple and would require a lot more than just peace of cloth or a mask, including a digital scan of the face of the target.

Scroll down for the video uploaded by the hackers and delete your browser history before someone cracks your phone too.

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