Guy’s Smartphone Stops Incoming Arrow That Was Supposed To Kill Him

Let’s a take trip down the memory lane, shall we? The year is 1912, and Teddy Roosevelt has just delivered a famous speech. The folded speech along with steel eyeglasses case in his breast pocket will save his life from the assailant that is getting ready to fire a bullet at Roosevelt. The assailant fires the bullet, but the above-mentioned items slow the bullet down to non-lethal speeds. Over almost 100 years after that famous incident, another incident took place in Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia. A man was saved from an incoming arrow thanks to his smartphone that he had pulled out to take a picture of the assailant.

As per the New South Wales Police Force, the victim was present in his driveway on a Wednesday morning. It is then that the victim saw the assailant aiming at him using a bow and arrow just outside of the victim’s property. The victim took his phone out for snapping a picture – as would most of us do these days – and the assailant let go of the arrow. The arrow pierced through the victim’s phone, but thankfully the victim didn’t get any severe or fatal injuries. The only injury sustained is the cut that he incurred when the phone was thrown out of his hand and sliced his chin because of the force of impact from the arrow.

The shooter was an acquaintance of the victim and has been arrested for assault. The victim will have to look for another smartphone because this one is definitely not going to be repaired. He is lucky though because the phone didn’t explode in his hand – would have been a lot more dangerous! What do you think of this incident? Should we get a video of shooting arrows at different models of smartphones from various phone manufacturers to see which one is the most effective at blocking them?