Guys Makes Lamborghini Aventador For Just 500 Dollars



Taras Lesko from Seattle has built a mind-blowing replica of the Lamborghini Aventador solely out of printing paper and cardboard. However, he is not new to such ingenious builds. In year 2010, he made a jaw-dropping 4-foot-tall Freedom Gundam and the very next year he made an even impressive 7-foot tall Gundam. In its building process, he cut 720 pages into 1250 shapes. After that he took a two years break. Only very recently, he has made Lamborghini Aventador sports car from paper and cardboard which looks amazingly real. He first designed all its parts on computer softwares such as Abode Photoshop, Illustrator and AfterEffects, printed them on several paper sheets and then used an X-Acto knife to cut those parts accurately. Next he wanted his vehicle to roam around easily. To achieve this, he used chipboard to make its frame. The vehicle weighs just 11.3 kilograms.


Taras used architectural E2 paper sheets for printing and hence named his Lamborghini Aventador A-E2. The measurements of vehicle are 244 x 115 x 63 cm and these days the car is placed on a wall inside his house. The following photo shows different printed parts of Lamborghini Aventador.


And once the parts were assembled…



  1. Snehil Reply

    Just awesome!… It is truly a nice construction. Good Work

  2. Theanimaster Reply

    AfterEffects? Why the need for AE? AE is for video editing. I can understand PS for the gfx and Illustrator for the vectors… But AE?

    No, what he used was PEPAKURA DESIGNER and a 3D Modeling program to create the model for Pepakura. To be honest this is no real big deal — working with such large pieces is actually easier than working with much smaller ones.

    If he designed the 3D model itself, kudos — because those in the scene know how where to find Pepakura models.

    The printing is another matter. I’m not surprised his bill was easily $500!!

  3. jitin Reply

    awh some work such a low amount of money…..


  4. Montoya Reply

    I don’t understand how you’ll need 500$ for a cardboard replica. Sure it looks impressive, but the materials are far from being so expensive. If he, for some reason paid licenses for the software… Well, then he is not the brightest guy.

    With about that money you can make a replica with a small engine. Far from so well crafted and won’t look so good (as you can’t use cardboard), but will be able to move by itself.


    This is fantastic and it looks so great and real.However i think he could probably improve this with some epoxy and a good paint job by someone who paints cars.

    • Brin jenkins Reply

      There is a possible use for it though, it’s modeled on the police car that exists in the Gulf for Police public relations work. All the top sports cars including the Bugatti exist! Now they can all be replaced with card cutouts saving a fortune.

  6. Kenneth Fung Reply

    Where can I get the file to do one as well? i really wish i have one Lamborghini too!

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