Guy Makes Dual Jet Powered Skateboard That Can Go Upto 311 Miles Per Hour

Daz Fellow Luge 4

So what would you do if you’re a former stunt man and have access to your parents’ garage?! We don’t think there’s much to do but Daz Fellows, an Australian, disagrees. In a number of reports which are flying in, he has said that what he has built is ‘basically a skateboard’ and ‘just one giant fuel tank’. What kind of parents would allow their child to do something like this? What Mr. Daz has built does not seem rational from any angle.

Daz Fellow Luge 2Generally, a luge is described as; essentially speaking, a skateboard which you can lie down on. The rider is provided with no safety equipment and has to steer the skateboard by leaning from side to side. The only brakes at the rider’s disposal are the sole of his shoes. It is of paramount importance that the rider at least wears a helmet.

Australian man builds 300 mph jet-powered street luge in attempt to break world record, Australia, May 2014Daz has created a traditional board with some perks (as per him) added to it. These so called, crazy, perks are; a pair of jet turbo engines along with a fiberglass frame which diminishes resistance. The dual jet engines are capable of generating, upon being outfitted with afterburners, about 540 pounds.

Daz Fellow LugeThis translates into speed of 311 miles per hour (theoretically speaking) and for comparison’s sake let us tell you the current jet luge’s top speed; 115.83 miles per hour. The highest speed anyone has achieved while falling out of an airplane is 321 miles per hour. So when Mr. Daz attempts to make a record next spring; we’d all be out with cameras to see how well he performs. We just hope his medical bills are covered for his own sake.

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