Guys Caught on Video Rob An ATM in Less Than A Minute. How? No Expert Can Tell

how to hack an ATM

ATM machines are impossible to hack or steal money from – at least that’s what the banks tell us. If we look at how ATM works it quite believable considering the amount of security in an ATM. However, defying all odds, three thieves have managed to find a way to rob these ATMs. The video below shows how these guys rob the ATM in less than a minute. How they do it is something most experts cannot answer. We hope these guys put their talent to a positive use.

As an engineer, what do you think has happened here? How did these guys manage to pull this off so easily?

How to Crack an ATM in less than a MinuteHow to Crack an ATM in less than a Minute

Posted by Technology Today on Tuesday, April 14, 2015


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