Guy Uses 500 Mousetraps To Show How Vaccinations And Herd Immunity Work In A Creative Video

The video is created using mousetraps and ping-pong balls that explain easily how herd immunity actually works.

The Covid-19 outbreak has increased our vocabulary on the stuff relevant to viruses. The young children know what a pandemic means, given that these terminologies are all over the web and have been trending in the past year. However, there are terms such as herd immunity, of which even the elders don’t have a clear understanding. So today’s video will clarify it for you as to what it means.

Until now, we have heard these terminologies often, but grasping the real meaning is something that could be done by looking into them closely or doing the required research. And what way could be better to learn them by seeing an engaging video? Hence, what we have for you will tell you all you need to know about ‘Herd Immunity.’

The video by a famous Youtube Channel, ‘It’s Okay To Be Smart, ‘ explains the concept of herd immunity simply by using 500 mousetraps and the same number of ping-pong balls. We don’t often see two Youtube channels collaborating for the same project, but for this, the former one worked closely with ‘The Slow Mo Guys.’

The simple and creative video was produced with one prime aim, to explain the concept so that a layman doesn’t find it hard to gather and understand what herd immunity is. However, the keynote is that it doesn’t only safeguard the vaccinated ones but also has a significant effect in curing the non-vaccinated population.

The explanation is far from being complicated and will enlighten you on what herd immunity is and how it works! Enjoy it explained most incredibly in the video below.

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