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Guy Tries Minting His Own Currency…And It Is Actually Pretty Hard

how to make your own coins mint

Andy, the host of the YouTube Channel ‘How to Make Everything,’ publishes videos to show how the essential items are made. He covers nearly everything from sandwiches to shorts. Andy explains the complicated and highly skilled processes which are required to make some unique objects. In the latest video that he published, he is showing how you can mint your coins. After a long process of making molds and melting down metals, Andy concluded that making your currency is a dangerous and time-consuming task. For the creation of his coins, he extracted silver. The process of extraction can be seen in another video. Then he created wax molds from which he pours the silver.

It was a tough task -carving the initials of the show and a rough profile on the wax. This was a long process and needed many attempts. In the end, one casting technique was replaced by creating a die in which the coin was stricken. The silver is melted down, laid on the anvil and hit hard with the die. A rough impression of the intended coin sticks, however, the process is extremely difficult since you need to get the coin in the right size, thickness, and hitting the silver accurately and hard enough to make an impression.

The coins created by Andy won’t be making a public appearance anytime soon. They were designed only to show how complicated and hard it is to create so many of the everyday objects around us. Watch the video below to see what steps are involved in creating a mint to produce coins.

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