Wonderful Engineering

Guy Transforms His Old Washing Machine Into An Awesome Fish Tank

A broken down washing machine that is not worth fixing or too old to be fixed usually ends up in a junk pile. However, there is no limit on imagination and thanks to the technology available this guy who works at the used appliance store, he turned an old washing machine into an amazing and wonderful fish tank. The DIY project is not easy and requires intensive effort, however, it sure qualifies as an epic DIY project.

The project kicked off by taking the washing machine apart and cleaning it thoroughly. The reason being that detergent’s residue would prove to be harmful for fish.

Check out the machine’s shell before the installation of new and old parts.

A healthy environment for the fish was ensured.

A front window had to be installed that couldn’t be opened like washing machine.

LED lights were installed as well in the tub located in interior of the machine.

LED lights offer a range of colors thus imparting an amazing look to the fish tank.

Feast your eyes on the final product that looks like a conventional washing machine when looked from the outside, however, has a fish tank incorporated into it.