Guy Transforms His Lawn Into A Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden


Transform your Lawn 6We have covered a number of DIY projects on our website, but this one is perhaps the most unique, partly because it isn’t about some gadgets or flashy stuff, but more close to nature and plants. When we are buying/constructing a house, most of us opt for one with a lawn since we all crave for a little greenery. So the star of our story had a lawn too and then one day, he just came up with the idea of changing it into a vegetable garden? That is exactly what he did and over the course of two months, it has turned out that he is an excellent farmer indeed.

Transform your Lawn 4Our star of the story is on Reddit by the username of locolukas and you can follow him there for his daily progress on the vegetable farm. The journey of the conversion for lawn into vegetable garden began with filling out the yard with the compost. The growing up of seeds happened quite fast and he had to put up support systems for plants. Our farmer also installed an irrigation system that looks simple but is much more complicated. Transform your LawnThe garden has been lined with cinder blocks and wood chips have been used to cover the ground and the cinder blocks have been filled with compost too.

Transform your Lawn 5Transform your Lawn 2Among the vegetables which have been grown so far are Arugula, spinach, beets, radishes, peas, green onions, tomatillos, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and a lot of flowers as well. Transform your Lawn 3The generous farmer gave out the vegetables that were surplus, for free. Although one might question that making a garden full of vegetables defeats the purpose of having a lawn but it sure has its benefits!

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