Guy Spends 600 Hours And Uses 200,000 LEGO Pieces To Construct This Wonder City

Mystical world of Odan 4

Reading about fictional places sure is fun, we can find our imagination expanded and challenged when it comes to such mystical places and their detail. However, there are few who are just not satisfied enough by only reading or writing about such places. One such person is Mike Doyle who decided to build a series of such places with LEGO and dubbed it as Contact.

What follows are the pictures of ‘The Millenial Celebration of the Eternal Choir at K’al Yne, Odan’. The structure clocks in at 5’ height and a width of 6’ whereas the project took about 600 hours and some 200,000 LEGO pieces. Odan is the name of the world and city is named as K’al Yne that is reportedly a galactic vacation spot. The choir, supposedly, has been singing for 1,000 years. Enough talk and let’s enjoy this wonderful piece of art.Mystical world of Odan 2 Mystical world of Odan 5 Mystical world of Odan 3

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