Watch This Guy Solve The Impossible Japanese Puzzle That Has Not Been Solved In 10 Years

We often get stuck trying to solve a problem for a long time, but very few of us are resilient enough to never give up and remain persistent until the solution is known. This Japanese guy spent an entire decade in trying to solve a ring puzzle, and at the age of 73, finally decided to get help from others.

All you need to do is move the ring from one side to the other, without removing any of the parts.

via WereBlog

He first approached a physics teacher named Yamada Sensei to find the solution of this puzzle, which apparently looked pretty simple. The man failed to solve the problem after a few attempts, so the man resorted to use animal instincts to get the ring out. After the chimpanzee had given up on the puzzle, it was taken to a magic specialist, and using all the talents that he had, the magician tried to con the elderly man.

To our amusement, there is a Japan Puzzle Ring Association that dedicates itself to solving the puzzles of this sort. Watch the video and be mesmerized how the ring is moved to the other side almost magically.

Were you able to solve the puzzle before watching this magical video? Share with us in the comments section below.

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