Guy Shows How You Can Remove Those Scratches From Your Car Door Handle

car door handle scratches

The door handle area often gets scratches, markings, and other damage since it is used the most while opening the door. Fingernails, keys, jewelry and any other thing that a person is carrying and makes contact with the coat can result in some unsightly marks. If you have similar scratches on your car, you can make it new again by following some simple steps. Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC has put together a quick video to explain how you can restore an exterior door handle and its surrounding panels.

The simple stuff which you have on your shelf can do the job. Following this guy’s method will earn you success in the task. Most cleaning tools are too huge to fit behind the door handle, therefore you will be required to complete most of the task by hand. It is not a lot of space to cover, however, be prepared to put in a significant effort to make sure that those scratches go away for good.

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