Guy Replaces The Blade Of A Table Saw With Paper And It Still Cuts Wood

table saw wood

Most of us have played Rock, Paper, Scissors. We know that Scissors always beat/ cut through Paper, right? What if a simple paper can cut through a solid slice of wood? Mind blowing, right? Watch the video below:


John Heisz is an enthusiastic YouTuber who replaced his metal table saw with a seemingly innocent paper saw. When Heisz attaches the paper saw we all expect it to bend or tear at first contact with any object. As we see in the video it cuts through the paper first, then the cardboard and finally did a neat job of cutting through a slice of wood as well.

Credits: Ibuildit
Credits: Ibuildit

However it is not the fastest way to cut through the materials as we can see some parts of the video are in fast-forward mode. Still it is amazing to know that Paper can cut through materials! Let us know what you think of the experiment!

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