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Guy Replaces His Porsche’s Brake Pads With iPhones. Watch What Happens Next

Brake pad iphone

With the craze of making DIY videos taking off, this particular video comes as no doubt. However, we still have to ask the question; Seriously? The question that this video answers is ‘what happens when you replace the car’s brake pads with eight iPhones and then apply brakes when you’re driving at 60mph’.

The team belongs to the YouTube channel Everything Apple Pro and the car used as 2002 Porsche 911 with its clippers upgraded to ones from a 911 Turbo. This modification allowed the team to fit iPhones replacing the brake pads; four iPhone 5S and four iPhone 4S were used for this task.

The iPhones did catch on fire and for all those who weren’t clear on it; No, they can’t be used as brakes. Although the host claims that the 4S is tougher than 5S but we doubt it since the 4S were placed on the rear tires and therefore didn’t take a beating that the 5S took.

Check out the video below and for those who are thinking of trying it out; don’t, just don’t.