Guy Makes A Knife Out Of Steak And Then Uses It To Cut Steak

This might be one of the most outlandish DIY builds of all time and a vegan’s worse dream. In this video, The King of Random makes a quite miserable watching knife out of steak utilizing a freeze dryer and that too pretty smoothly. We have heard of a steak knife, but a blade made out of a steak is new to all.

The thought is something that we may call: out of this world! However, the execution is significantly impressive; notwithstanding, it may make for a decent watch in case you’re a meat-lover or an admirer of juicy steaks.

While ideally, nobody will attempt to make one for themselves, he gives out every minute details on the most proficient method to make your meat knife.

The finished result looks near to what you must have imagined. It is made of meat, and you may very well think of taking a bite of the knife instead of the steak.

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