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Guy Makes A Cool Dining Table Out Of A Giant Slab Of Redwood

What happens when a Redditor finds dried redwood slabs on Craiglist for a fair price? Well, he takes advantage of the opportunity of course. Redwood is quite famous for its organic color along with its natural workability. This guy created an amazing dining table for his house using the slabs of redwood he found on Craiglist. Check out the project and let us know what you think of it.

The project started with only a huge slab of redwood that was air-dried.

The slab had to be cut in half for the sake of transportation.

Some extra lumber was picked up for building the bases for the benches and table.

A lot of wood to work with, right? Seems like he doesn’t have much space to work with it.

After the supports were created.

He had to stain and sand everything.

The pieces were brought inside for assembly.

This is what the completed product looks like.