Guy Makes A 9 Feet Tall Iron Man Suit That Shoots Lasers From Its Eyes

comic con hulkbuster

Marvel’s Avengers series has become a global phenomenon just like when the Transformers series gained popularity. The comics and origin stories of the Marvel characters have been around for decades, and many of them were consulted in the making of these awesome series. Although, the dedicated comic fraternity is in a love-hate relationship with the moviemakers due to their deviation from the original stories, they still turned up in huge numbers at the recent New York Comic-Con festival. It is an annual event like other comic-cons throughout the world where stars from leading comic book character adaptations come together, and future announcements are made.

comic con hulkbuster2

What I like most about these events is the range of costumes people design for these events. At the famous San Diego Comic-con, the cameras were locked in on Game of Thrones Characters. This time in New York, the primary focus was on Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was the second installment in the Avengers series. Who doesn’t remember the huge hulk buster made by Iron Man to counter Hulk when he went haywire? Even that astronomical machine proved difficult to control Hulk but it was truly an awesome thing to make and with Tony Stark, everything is possible.

This year’s New York Comic-Con saw an excellent life-size model of the Hulkbuster by Thomas DePetrillo of Extreme Costumes. It enthralled everybody with its detailed design and stood a mighty 9 feet, taller than everybody else in the festival surely. Look at it here. It’s not difficult to miss at all.

comic con hulkbuster4

According to the costume maker, the Hulbuster is the single “most domineering thing” he had to do in life. He spent more than two years in making this impressive showpiece and more than 1600 man hours. Mostly made from EVA Foam, polycarbonate shell, Aluminium and a host of other materials, the suit cost him 3,000 dollars and weighs almost 95 pounds. His eye for costume designing is unbelievable, and he claims that he tries to replicate any costume he likes on the big screen, albeit on a smaller scale than this.

The media attention he won during the festival will benefit his designs and work in the coming days. He also won the Comic-con cosplay competition that rewards people on the best costume design. Like anybody else stood a chance against the Hulk! It was given the title of the most amazing cosplay of the event.

comic con hulkbuster3

comic con hulkbuster5

Just look at the faces of the people and children in particular when they see the hulk buster out in the middle of the screen. DePetrillo also admits that he enjoyed the constant attention of kids more than anything else. What a nice fellow! Tony Stark would have just ignored them.

Here is how the biggest Iron Man suit was ever made!

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