Guy Lost His iPad At The Airport And Finally Got It Back Using Technology And Balloons. Here Is The Story

Lost ipad

Though you might have been devastated to find your iPad missing, Shelby Bonnie took it all in good humour and decided to indulge in some fun. Shelby realized that this may be the last he had seen of his iPad yet he chose to track the iPad via the “Find my iPhone” feature and had an amazing ride along the way.


Facebook/Shelby Bonnie

A tired Shelby forgot his iPad in the seat pocket as he took the connection flight to the Bahamas at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. From there on, he kept track of his iPad as it made its way to Memphis and decided to rest a while at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis. Shelby kept his audience enthralled with the live Facebook updates of the iPad’s excursion and amusing captions. 

Shelby decided to lure his iPad back home with the promise of a reward for the new owner, sent via the app. Without acknowledging the offer, the iPad went on a trip to downtown Memphis. Without missing a beat, Shelby hoped that his iPad grabbed a good “byte” at the great downtown restaurants offering scrumptious food.

Facebook/Shelby Bonnie

Shelby took the iPad tracking game up a notch by announcing that he would deliver balloons to the new iPad abode. Things turned even more interesting as both Shelby and his iPad came within 100 feet of each other at the same airport where the device first went missing. Thoroughly perplexed, Shelby sounded the iPad distress signal without any luck. Later, he reckoned that the iPad might be riding in the luggage but it was too late. Shelby commented that his iPad was playing hard to get at!

Facebook/Shelby Bonnie

Nonetheless, staying true to his word, Shelby ordered $50 worth of balloons saying “Thinking of You” to be delivered at the current address of the Shelby’s iPad, tracked via the app. The card on the balloons read

“My iPad sadly ran away from home and I would really like to welcome it back”

The sweet balloons finally enticed the iPad back home and Shelby watched as the iPad ventured once more to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport. It was not very long before the call from the lost and found at the airport came in. The  operator reported that a fairly elderly lady thought it might be a good idea to return the iPad and thanked for the balloons.

However, it was not the last time that the iPad would receive balloons. The Shelby household greeted the iPad with a festive Welcome Home banner adorned with….Balloons!

Facebook/Shelby Bonnie

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