Guy Invents A Drone That Can Fire A Pistol From Air

home-made armed drone connecticut

I have always believed that the lack of guns control and inadequate monitoring on robot experiments can only mean one thing; Personal armed drones. The idea itself is very frightening, and now it seems that it has finally been realized as well. An 18-year old mechanical engineering student from the Central Connecticut State University has attached a semi-automatic handgun to a custom-built drone. His video titled flying guns has since become viral throughout the Internet and blogosphere.

Drone firing a pistol
The video has taken more than two million hits since and it shows the gun controlling robot floating at chest-level height among trees. It fires four shots and recoils after each blast. The controller repositions the drone after every shot which means it has been designed to sustain the reaction from a medium sized gun.

The student and his father are adamant that he hasn’t broken any laws, and their position has even been backed by the local police who have said that the drone was experimented in remote locations. Does that make us feel comfortable? Hell no. If a student can make these kind of robots in his lab, how are we going to stop anti-state elements and anarchists from having robots built and threatening the public? They have sympathizers everywhere so that won’t be a problem. I think Federal is thinking on these lines too while conducting this investigation.

Countries where there are strong anti-gun laws, like in Europe, are much less likely to be embroiled in a situation like this. They have drone tech, but they don’t have weapons to arm them. America may have this problem sooner or later if gun laws aren’t controlled because let’s face it; there is no stopping the drone technology. There are a lot of positive elements of drone technology too so we can’t stop it just for this sake. The FAA has also announced that it will carefully study the drone and see it any laws had been broken.

I say if there aren’t any laws regarding armed drones, appropriate ones should be passed immediately!

Here is the video from youtube


  1. andysuth Reply

    ….because America never has any problem with citizens shooting each other or leaders.
    A modern day John Wilkes Booth can now hide behind bullet proof glass whilst making use of mulitple drones with poor accuracy.

    This is nothing new, or challenging. He’s clearly missed a few design tricks, he’s just irresponsible.

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