Guy Had 6 Hair Dryers At Home. What He Did With Them Will Blow You Away

Hair Dryer And Art 4

Hair dryer and art? Don’t go together, right? That’s what we though too until we saw the wonderful exhibit by juggler and magician Antoine Terrieux in Maison des Jonglages or House of Juggling at the La Courneuve, France. Read on to find more about his gravity-defying sculptures.

Hair dryers have been positioned so that light and small objects are kept aloft in air.Hair Dryer And Art

Using dryer’s jet, this lightweight ball is held in air, you can try this at home using a table tennis ball.

Water vapor was used to create this vortex that was later on sucked up by the dryer. Hair Dryer And Art 2

For visibility purpose, water vapor was lit.

Dangerously Wonderful! Hair Dryer And Art 3

A dryer can be seen propelling itself around a basin of water. Do NOT try this at home.Hair Dryer And Art 4

You can check out the installation here.


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