Guy Gathers 12 Electric Fans Around a Fire Pit – The Result? Unbelievable


Tornadoes are cool, but only if observed from a distance because we don’t want to be sucked into all that fun twirling stuff going on inside. But their movement and reputation makes us curious to zoom our cameras on it as far as possible and try and have a perfect working model around. Well with this neat trick, you can create a cool human sized tornado of your own and not just any tornado, a tornado made of raging fire!

The fire tornado is fairly simple to conjure. All you need is a burning fire pit, some household fans of the same power and size and a few fire extinguishers just in case thee fire gets out of control. The fire pit is lit and put on flat ground. The fans are place around the fire in a circle. Here, they have used 12 fans.

Everything in position?



Now as the fire becomes larger, the flames start circling in a criss-cross manner.



Now the fire is really shaping up into a twisting mass.



Take a look at these gifs to experience this astounding phenomenon:







It appears to be a scene from the movies; any minute, a giant demon is going to make his way through this portal! The height of tornado is quite large compared to the subdued fire that started it.

The trick in making this work is that you place the fans at angle to the fire. Each angle of the fan should be similar if not precisely the same. Here you can see, the fans are lying horizontally, so there is no flame tornado twirling. Just a regular fire getting wind from all around.



It is only when we tweak the fans into an angular position that we get our tornado.






It is a great party trick to pull off especially at a bonfire/barbecue. Trust me, if the video is so great, how would it appear in real life with all the hissing fire making that perfect curl? Here is the full video of the fiery twister in all its might.


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