Guy Dips A Wheel Rim In A Tub Of Water. The Result Is Amazing And You Can Do It Too


Ever seen one of those neat rims that capture your attention more than the car itself? Their intricately crafted designs lead some people to believe that they might just be stick on sheets attached on the grim rim of the car. In some cases, it could be, but here we will show you a technique that is used to achieve some awesome paint jobs on the rims. Surprisingly, there is no kind of gadgetry or technological process involved. Just some raw skill and excellent painted patterns!
Water Transfer Printing-3

The technique has been carried out here by HG Arts and they have named it Water Transfer Painting. Water Transfer Painting involves dipping of a painted patterned sheet in a column full of water, mixed with certain absorption enhancing chemicals. Once the sheet has been set, the mixture is stabilized and rims are cautiously dipped inside the water column containing the sheet. Once the rim makes complete contact with the underwater pattern, it is then lifted upwards to reveal the exact replica of the sheet on the rim itself.

Many kinds of patterns are demonstrated here. Here, take a look at the complete video:

Any auto lover will be both perplexed and excited after watching this incredible bit of art. As for myself, I didn’t stop watching this video till the Sun came up. But don’t be illusioned by the apparent easiness of the process. Think what kind of paint it must take to last that impression. Think think about the water, the solvents, the submerging time and the pattern making on the sheet. It is definitely not easy as it appears to be.

Water Transfer Printing-2

Not only wheels, but a lot of automotive and related parts can be painted through this process. You can even paint pottery and dishes with the help of this. Some industrial processes do use it. The object, obviously has to be water-safe though.

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