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Guy Creates Awesome Motorcycles Using Large Bent Spoons

What you are looking at are intricately designed motorcycle sculptures that have been created by James Rice, based in America, and the peculiar thing about these sculptures (If you haven’t figured it out already) is that they have been created using only bent stainless spoons.

Pictures of his amazing sculptures have gone viral on Facebook and once you look at these sculptures, you can see why. He sells these sculptures on Etsy with a price tag that ranges between $3,000 and $4,000. James Rice is an Air Force veteran and the reason why he uses spoons is unusual to say the least. According to his wife, Jeny Buckley, “I had a lot of spoons I erred on, but didn’t want to throw them away. I asked Jim to make something cool for me.” Rice, who had an aptitude for art, decided to go with motorcycles.

He says, “I was good in art. I could draw, but I really liked taking things apart and putting them back together. I made my own bikes. I restored cars, built motors. In middle school, I built a mini bike. Anything that had a motor in it, I was intrigued.” Following his wife’s request, in mere hours, he created the first of many sculptures. The very first sculpture was made using bent spoons and incorporated bearings in place of tires. Over time, Rice has started using spoons completely and doesn’t rely on any other material for these sculptures. Each model features more intricate details and improved workmanship.

During the course of this passionate hobby, Rice has come up with means of shaping and bending spoons without using heat or hammer and is thus able to retain the original beauty of spoons. The Etsy page says, “Jim flattens, bends, twists, and shapes the spoons by hand. Everything on his chopper is spoons; engine, wheels, tires, gas tank. He truly sees how to make the unassuming spoon into something most of us would have never thought of.”

His recent sculptures take him months to complete because of the fact that he is still working at his regular job for 60 hours a week. His wife names the creations after animals that they remind her of. The last sculpture that Rice made has been named ‘The Bagger’. It is a motorcycle that’s 21 inches long and weighs a bit more than 7 pounds. It even won three awards at Washington State Fair’s Fine Art Show and is now on sale at Etsy with a price tag of $3,899.99.

James says, “I wanted some kind of legacy. Something to be remembered for.”