Guy Creates A Working Engine Out Of Paper

paper engine

Engineering students are famous for carving out technical doodles with the help of paper while surviving extra-boring lectures. Over the course of my studies I have seen some truly amazing designs my classmates churned out including the jumping frog, modular car/plane and the mock surgery apparatus like scalpel, scissors and even an operating table. So, I have seen a lot of paper designs during my studies so when I come up with a paper design, you can expect something special. So let me introduce you to an engineer’s ultimate bragging right; A paper-based engine that is powered by air!

paper engine2

This Youtuber Al Zh made this cool engine mostly from paper (except for crankshafts, pistons, etc.) and started the video with a demonstration of its working. It looks more like an invention from the legendary Hero rather than his work! After demonstrating the working of this engine, he connects an inflated balloon into the intake and the airflow from the balloon powers the engine for a few seconds till it becomes empty.

See the working here for yourself!

So, up for a DIY? AL ZH might have other brilliant ideas for you. Keep in touch with the cool engineer!

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