Guy Creates A Heavy Bike Using Parts From His Old Tractor

guy makes cycle from tractor parts3

Larry Medwig is a bike enthusiast from Painesville, Ohio and he can make them out of anything you can give him. He just made one from an old ruined tractor among other old machinery parts and named it tractor-cycle. It is not that bad looking at all. It reminds us of the vintage bikes from the 70s and 80s that were portrayed so well in the films.

His bike has been under blogger attention for some time ever since he displayed it at the Hit and miss show in Orwell. The bike is sometimes available for viewing at Joughin’s Hardware shop in Painesville and both its handlebars and parts of the suspension are made from rusty old plumbing pipes. 

guy makes cycle from tractor parts2

Nobody knew it was made from a tractor and when Medwig was traced and asked about it, he explained about his love for the two-wheelers and how he made this one from different parts of old machines. The engine was from a cement mixer Harvest LB and the transmission was from Crosley automobile. The wheels were acquired from a David Bradley and the suspension and forks from regular pipe fittings. So, it is a well thought-out junk motorbike. The main body itself is from an old Farmwall Club tractor.

guy makes cycle from tractor parts

Asked about its performance, he admits that it is not probably the most comfortable bike ever made but it runs fine if maintained properly and the antiqueness alone is enough to vow many people on the road. It shows the pure mechanical engineering skills of the person.

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