Guy Creates A Fully Working Iron Man Glove That Can Shoot A Powerful Laser

My Name is … Iron Man

Patrick Priebe, a German cyberweapons hobbyist, has proved that he is a diehard fan of Iron Man. He has already created a laser gauntlet and a rocket launching gauntlet that were based on Iron Man and now he has progressed and built a dual-laser Iron Man glove that features the same sound effects along with a ‘shell’ ejector as well.My Name is … Iron Man 2

The gadget works simply by simple flip of the device’s main switch. Flipping it causes the gadget to charge two lasers that it houses. Charging implies cool charging-up sound only though along with a ring of five LEDs that are located around the palm laser and illuminate. User then presses one of the three buttons on a separate controller that is wires to raise a hatch on top of the glove while pressing the second button results in the firing of an 800-mW red burning laser that is located inside the hatch.My Name is … Iron Man 3

The user needs to flex the wrist in order to push on a built-in pressure plate that results in the firing of a 3,000 mW palm laser. Once it has been used, the spent shell can be ejected. It is a flat aluminum slug that is originally loaded into the spring-tensioned slot and is ejected when the third button is pressed down.

The gadget has been created from brass and aluminum and as per Priebe, it took him about 3 weeks to build this amazing Iron Man inspired laser glove. Check it out in the video below!

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