Wonderful Engineering

Guy Creates A Fully Working Flamethrower At Home Using Cornstarch

Are you still in the festive mood of the New Year’s celebration? Here’s a video demo of a flamethrower that relies on cornstarch as its fuel. We advise caution before you hurriedly jump into the article and ultimately trying making one for yourself.

The video is about a guy affixing a hopper that has been filled with cornstarch to a leaf blower. The front of the leaf blower has a blowtorch attached to it. The idea is to come up with an assembly where a jet of cornstarch is made to pass through the open flame. The final result is a high velocity plume of fire. The Cornstarch becomes flammable once it is airborne because of the increase in surface area. Blowtorching a pile of cornstarch will only turn it brown due to the heat but once you have these cornstarch particles airborne, the air makes more surface area available for reaction and thus, it ignites. This is the reason why there are grain tower explosions too.

In case any of you is planning to build yourself one, we suggest you take caution and understand the risks before trying it out.