Guy Crashes Car Into Game Developer’s Headquarters After Games Ruined His Life


Nexon is a Korean games company that gained popularity due to its free games, offered for both the PC and mobiles. The most famous games released by Nexon are: Dragon Nest, Dungeon Fighter Online and relatively old MapleStory. Not all the gamers are happy with Nexon, though.

A game addict crashed his car at the Nexon Headquarters in South Korea last Sunday somewhere around 7 am. He blamed the company for his addiction to one of their games and stated that the company has “ruined his life”. The glass entrance door of the head office shattered at impact with the car but fortunately, there were no injuries or casualties as it was early Sunday morning.

Nexon HQ. Credits: Wikimedia
Nexon HQ. Credits: Wikimedia


The man was a 33 year old Chinese, Lee, who is in Korea for three months on a visit visa. His older brother lives in Korea and the car Lee crashed belonged to him.

Gyeonggi Bundang Police said on Monday that Lee has admitted to the charges and told the police that he was angry at being addicted to the company’s games. He further told that his decision to crash into the office was impulsive, made under the influence of alcohol.

After an alcohol test, Lee’s alcohol level in blood was found to be over the legal limit. He also does not possess a valid driver’s license.

Nexon Games. Credits:
Nexon Games. Credits:


Lee will be facing multiple charges which include dangerous driving, driving without a license and driving under the influence of alcohol. He will also be paying for the repair of damages he caused and will be deported to China after serving some possible jail time. He was lucky the building was empty at the time of the crash.

No one can blame Nexon. The company makes free games for its customers so they can play and spend money on it. Lee got into the whirlpool of addiction and this prosecution might direct him to get serious help and get his life back on track. Here’s a video of MapleStory by Nexon.

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