Guy Converts Discarded Tesla Battery Pack Into A Brand New Trailer

tesla trailer rebuild battery pack

Rich Benoit, a mechanic and DIY enthusiast, is known for his YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds. The channel is top-rated among Tesla lovers because of the Model S and X restoration demonstration videos. The self-proclaimed car genius has taken another ambitious project and given new life to damaged Tesla car parts. His DIY project aims to create a Tesla battery trailer out of the firm’s discarded battery packs.

The process of repairing Tesla cars is very challenging as the company doesn’t permit the sale of parts for customization. Tesla is very particular about its reputation. However, Benoit found a way around this strict policy, and now he can bring damaged and abandoned Tesla cars back to life. He has been fascinated with Tesla Model S vehicles since forever.

His passion for these expensive electric models inspired him to come up with the brilliant idea of using DIY to revive the discarded cars and flooded battery packs. Benoit considers himself to be a self-taught creative genius who has learned all the ins and outs of the Model S version of Tesla on his own. He has shown a way to all Tesla lovers to buy customized recycled and restored Tesla-like cars without going through the tedious and pricey process of buying a car from a Tesla showroom.

His current project is to restore a Tesla that was the unfortunate victim of last year’s Hurricane Harvey. This model was found at the bottom of the floodwaters and remained submerged there for nearly ten days. The water did a lot of damage to the vehicle which is why it was a challenge for Benoit to restore it. As a result, he decided to take a much-needed break from this project and showcased his first DIY Tesla trailer. Rich Benoit is an excellent example of how a little bit of resourcefulness can convert any piece of scrap into a cherished and coveted possession. He said, “People are going crazy for this thing and want to see more of it.” Let’s see what this genius comes up with the next time.


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