This Is How This Guy Collected Over 15,000 Stufed Toys From A Claw Machine In Just A Year

Claw machine

We all know that claw machines are rigged and they prevent users from collecting a prize. People have managed to collect a toy once in a while, but in most cases, it is just pure luck. This Chinese guy, however, just found the trick and managed to collect over 15,000 toys with a claw machine in just one year and is rightly known as the claw machine master now.

Source: Daily Mail

About a year ago Chen Zhitong became famous in China when he collected over 3,000 toys by controlling the claw machines in his hometown Xiamen. You are considered lucky if you manage to catch over one in your entire life. His collection over the year has grown to 15,000 which might even be a record.

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Chen was featured in a documentary by Great Big Story in which he revealed his claw machines secrets. He started off with the claw machine like most people, just to spend some time. He gained expertise over time and was politely asked by the claw machine operators to stop playing.

The secret to his winnings lies in his choice of claw machines. He says there are two types of machines, one of which requires practice and expertise while the other ones are programmed to beat you, no matter how good you are. He has a good know-how of the machines to be able to tell them apart. He also talks about the other factors involved in the claw machine skills.

“First is the claw’s holding capacity. It needs to be tight enough. Second is the angle of claw rotation. The third is the layout of toys. These parameters decide whether you are able to get a toy out.”

Source: Station News

Zhitong believes himself to have a gift and calls himself the king of claw machines and he did not keep the gift to himself selfishly. When his collection began to grow, he began to run out of space in his house. He put them to the best use possible saying, “Having gained so many toys has become a problem for me, they have filled up my apartment and become a real burden. I realized that I should give these lovely toys to people who need them, so last year I donated about 1,000 toys to schools for the deaf and the blind.”

If you wanna try your hand at the claw machines, you might wanna learn from the master.


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