Grumpy Cat – The Internet Sensation – Dies At The Age Of 7

Grumpy Cat – Tardar Sauce – Dies At The Age Of Seven!

Today was supposed to be a good day with the weekend almost on us; however, it turned grumpy soon enough when it was announced that the cat that had been the defining icon of the Internet – Grumpy Cat – has passed away at the age of seven. The real name of Grumpy Cat was Tardar Sauce.

Grumpy Cat – Tardar Sauce – Dies At The Age Of Seven!

Grumpy Cat was the personification of grumpiness and hated you and every little or big accomplishment that you achieved. The cat was not only a cultural icon but also a millionaire. She passed away owing to complications that stemmed from a urinary tract infection as per the family’s announcement.

The Internet is in mourning once the news broke out that the Grumpy Cat has moved on to the land of grumpiness. The Grumpy Cat was famous because of the many memes that kept popping up. Like we mentioned before; Grumpy Cat was a defining icon of the Internet. She was able to make her way into our pop culture and has left a strong mark. Grumpy Cat was able to make us all smile without hurting anybody’s feelings.

Tardar Sauce was loved unconditionally by her family and spent most of her day as any normal cat does. Tardar Sauce suffered from feline dwarfism which, the family thinks, is what gave her the permanent frown that made her famous. We understand how difficult coping with the loss of a pet, a family member to be exact, can be, and we would like to extend our heartiest support to the family of Tardar Sauce.

We are also sharing some of the memes of Grumpy Cat in her grumpy memory and would request that all of you take time out to join in the grumpiness by sharing your favorite memes of the famous Internet icon. In the end, we hope that she rests in grumpiness.

Grumpy Cat – Tardar Sauce – Dies At The Age Of Seven!

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  1. Balin Reply

    Twas a good cat. Hope people think of the happiness she had rather then the sad

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