Group Of Professional Thiefs Dismantle Mercedes Right In Front of Owners’ House

A gang of professional thieves completely dismantled a Mercedes Benz and left the owner in a bad shock. The incident took place right in front of its owner’s house as the dark grey C-class Mercedes was stripped down to its metal shell.

The poor guy got the shocking news in an even more shocking way; he was sleeping at around 4 in the morning when his neighbor started banging the door for him to come outside and have a look at what was left of his car.

Paul knew something was bad when he heard the banging. What he saw next was his neighbor standing in front of the leftover parts of Mercedes. Something which could barely be called a car anymore. The tires were gone, as the car sat on some bricks.

Unfortunately, Paul parked his car outside the night before this horrific incident took place. He was late from somewhere and didn’t bother parking it on his driveway or inside the garage.

“The devastation seems pretty bad. The car was screw opened in front of their own home,” Emily Heeley, Paul’s stepdaughter, said as in the reports. “No one witnessed anything, and the whole of the theft was done in extreme silence. Sure it is a group of professionals. They completely tore my stepdad’s car.”

They took the hood, all four wheels, two of its doors, and the cover of the trunk. Various components from inside the car were taken, too, along with the driver and passenger seats.

Emily said that Paul is still shocked as he worked pretty hard for this car. He is mostly working 13 hours a day and sometimes does the weekend shift too. To say he is devastated would be an understatement in his case. Moreover, she said that we have been living in this street for over twenty years now and never did such an incident happened here ever before.

Unfortunately, the forensic team told Hamptons that not much of the evidence could be found. As they knew how to work, the team knew how not to leave any evidence behind.

Paul said that he was shocked and couldn’t really believe what has happened already. He must be in a state of denial for quite a long time, given the pricey loss.

He mentioned that the thieves didn’t damage the remaining parts of his Mercedes. It makes it if he wants to install new parts, he could totally do that.

Paul’s mechanic told him that the thieves were after the car’s front bumper and headlights because the sensors in them increase their worth substantially. However, they must be scared of someone coming as they only managed to take off the license plate.

Emily said that people should think twice about leaving their car in a vulnerable place. We suggest that everyone locks their car away, put it in a garage, or park it on a driveway. To make sure no thieves could cost you a fortune just like that.

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