GPU Prices Could Soon Drop Below Their MSRP – Here Is All You Need To Know

Gamers would probably be on cloud nine after hearing this news. Corsair Gaming Inc., a computer hardware company based in California, has finally shared an update regarding the prices of GPUs. It has been announced that a considerable drop in the level of prices has been seen in the last three months as an increasing number of gaming enthusiasts started making their own PCs. Though there were some setbacks when the industry was in deep waters, it has now gained momentum and shown “positive underlying growth trends,” as per the CEO of Corsair. With a huge decline in prices, the demand for graphic cards and self-built PCs is hitting the jackpot now.

AMD and Nvidia GPUs continue to drop near MSRP but it might not last long -  Neowin

The data from quarter one of 2022 shows that GPU prices were about 150% higher than MSRP. With that being said, the CEO of Corsair, Andy Paul commented, “We expect that GPU cards will be back to MSRP (Manufacturer’s suggested retail price) levels in the near term, perhaps discounted below MSRP.” With GPU and CPU products becoming available and reasonably priced, we expect to see a surge of self-built gaming PC activity in 2H22 and 2023. We see a similar positive trend with peripherals”. What’s more, a lot of things are forthcoming with the decrease in the price of GPU, including the appearance of “Intel” into the market, which would definitely boost the sales of GPU. Another key thing to remember is that it would give gaming aspirants the opportunity to get their hands on the purchase of graphic cards along with the building of new PCs, which were considerably affected during COVID.

Newegg is excelling in selling the top 20 GPUs of Nvidia models, which can make other computer hardware companies further lower their prices in comparison to Newegg, following the competition. Also, the introduction of an updated AMD 6950 XT graphics card would further reduce the prices of existing AMD series like the AMD 6900 XT. One of the GPU models, i.e., RTX 3080 12 GB, is now selling for about $900, which is much less than its previous sale price, i.e., about $1000. Also, another model known as the MSI RTX 3080 accounted for a sale price of about $880 as compared to its normal price, which was $930.

Thus, prices are expected to go even further down with special discounts as well in the coming months, along with an uproaring demand surge from the gaming community.

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