Got Super Glue On Your Hands? Here’s How To Get Rid Of It

Super Glue

Super glue has an instant-bond nature because of the cyanoacrylate. This renders the super glue as the go-to-fix for quickly fixing anything that has been broken, cracked, or separated. The super glue dries almost right away while forming a powerful bond. What makes super glue special, its ability to dry right away, is also what makes it the worst thing to get into an accident with. If you manage to drop it on the unintended surface or even your skin, it will dry out before you even have the time to wipe it clean.

This Is How You Can Get Rid Of The Super Glue

We have put together a comprehensive guide that is aimed at helping you learn how to remove the super glue from skin and other surfaces. However, you should know beforehand that no single method will work successfully every time that is why it is advisable that you make use of two or more three techniques in conjunction to get the super glue off.

This Is How You Can Get Rid Of The Super Glue

Once super glue dries, it creates a hard film or shell. If you have managed to get it onto your skin, simply try peeling it off. Begin by having the glued section of skin soaked in warm and soapy water for about ten minutes. If you are unable to submerge the affected part, cover it using a warm, wet, and soapy cloth. Once you have done this, stretch the skin as tight as you can and work your fingernail under the edge of the glue’s film and peel it off. You can also use tweezers or pocketknife if you are unable to get your nail under the film.

This Is How You Can Get Rid Of The Super Glue

If warm and soapy water doesn’t work, you can try one of the following three methods;

  • Make a poultice by mixing equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil. Apply the mixture over the glued area and then wait for at least ten minutes. After ten minutes, wipe off the poultice and try to peel up the glue.
  • Mix table salt and water to create a thick paste. Continue rubbing the paste into your skin for about a minute or two. The salt shall double up as an abrasive and will help you scrub off the glue.
  • Apply a thick coating of the petroleum jelly on the affected area. Or you can soak the glued section of skin in olive oil. Wait for about twenty minutes and then try scrapping the glue off by using a putty knife or pocketknife.

If you have managed to glue two fingers together accidentally, you can try dissolving the glue by using a little acetone or nail polish remover (which is basically acetone). Apply a bit of acetone directly onto the glue and then wait for 20 seconds. Slowly pull your fingers apart, if the bond doesn’t loosen or release, stop pulling the fingers apart and apply more acetone. Acetone evaporates quickly so you might have to reapply it multiple times before it does the trick. If you don’t have access to acetone, using substitute mineral spirits such as paint thinner will also suffice but might take more applications.

This Is How You Can Get Rid Of The Super Glue

If you are looking for a less-aggressive method to get super glue off of smooth and hard surfaces, you can use lemon juice. Soak the glue in lemon juice for about ten minutes and then scrape off the glue using a pocketknife or putty knife. You can also use full-strength dish soap on the glue and then cover it using plastic food wrap. Give it an hour or so and then scrape the glue off.

This Is How You Can Get Rid Of The Super Glue

If none of the above methods works, you have no choice but to sand off the glue using sandpaper or making use of a paint scraper.

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