Got Bad Skin? This Novel Skin Printer Can Print A New One For You

It’s not fascinating anymore to add the extra filter to your selfie. Or you might love to use your favorite app from PlayStore for the wedding photoshoot. Who doesn’t need flawless skin, or oh! I must say, a flawless photograph, not mentioning the hours of editing behind. The same mentality of “The prettier, the Happier” boosted up the business of age reducing creams and serums. And science today goes to any possible last-mile for inventions that complete perfection. Back in 2018, another breakthrough came up with the skin printer. And this time, it was much more than printing a tattoo on your skin. Researchers from the University of Toronto developed the handheld 3D skin printer that modernized surgeries and increased the span before those freckles and wrinkles start defining your age.

A 3D hand-held skin printer

This 3D skin printer was also used to cover wounds and burn marks. It is equivalent to an entire layer of tissues grafted over the original skin. But wait for the good part, you don’t need to get the lower one removed first. Imagine your face as a canvas and the less than two-pound weighing device in your surgeon’s hand.

Skin graft from a 3D skin printer

You might now be thinking whether you are compromising on your living tissues for an artificial layer of “bio-ink”? Well, as a next step, Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute began their search on how to 3D print living skin. Not going into the complicated biology behind, in a nutshell, studies made the fabrication of ink using alive donor tissues to recombine and form a graft that adjusts and links itself with the receiver’s skin.

Here comes the part that will make all the ladies here rush to the nearest store. P&G, a not so alien name for nearly the entire world came up with an inkjet printer Opté or a commonly called “Beauty Wand”. It has a camera fit in capturing the minute details of your face at a speed of 200 frames per second. The images detect the areas of age spots, blemishes, and wrinkles. Running the wand over your face then shoots a controlled amount of make-up on the required areas and here you go! You get the best concealing done without the best makeup artist beside. So, it’s a one-time burden on the pocket that will definitely give the natural look you start craving after you turn 40.

Procter and Gamble’s Opte wand

Worry not, this device has been carefully blended for all type of tones. The company’s promise to make affordable skin-care products is a hope for many to enjoy capturing pictures with their own mobile camera rather than fetching a DSLR for an extra smooth and fresh-looking skin. Start your countdown today, as the company intended to put the device on sale in 2020!

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