Google’s New Technology Will Enable Devices To Detect Hand Gestures

Google Is Developing Project Soli – The Future Of Gesture Control 2

You all know about Google ATAP, right? It is the tech-giant’s division that is responsible for the execution of bizarre ideas and for creation of new tech. It was able to amaze everyone at Google I/O conference when it introduced the Project Soli. It is a radar based technology that allows users to control your gadgets via gestures without touching the gadgets themselves.Google Is Developing Project Soli – The Future Of Gesture Control 2

The smaller the screen that you’re working with, the harder it becomes to carry out touch commands since your finger ends up blocking most of the information that is being displayed visually. This is where Project Soli comes in with a solution; a small chip that makes use of radar-based sensors that are capable of emitting signals that can detect distance, motion and volume. This enables the sensor to recognize various gestures as well.Google Is Developing Project Soli – The Future Of Gesture Control 3

Project Leader Ivan Poupyrey, the project is aimed developing the gadget so that it is capable of determining movements already associated with the conventional technology thus making its use intuitive and natural. So, let’s say that you wanted to adjust the time, you’ll have to mimic the same movements that you do when you’re tackling a traditional wristwatch and will have to rub the index finger against the thumb. Project Soli is capable of detecting the gesture and then executing the corresponding action!Google Is Developing Project Soli – The Future Of Gesture Control 4

The technology is so amazing because it not only allows the user to get rid of touching the screen but because it can also work with wearable devices without display such as bracelets or smart glasses. The chip is a tiny one and will eventually be made even smaller thus making its incorporation into wearable gadgets an easy deal. The only downside so far is that the technology is yet not ready to step out of the ATAP labs and Google has yet to release more information pertaining to this.


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