The Emails From Google In Your Inbox Are Being Written By An AI Bot

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Since the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the line between fiction and reality has been blurred out. Google’s recent revelation that AI writes a significant number of emails using the Inbox app is a testimony to the fact.

Google boasted that the company’s Smart Reply feature generates automatic email responses to the queries of the user. AI is now responsible for replying to over 10 percent of the mobile responses sent using the Inbox app.

Jeff Dean, a senior fellow in Google’s research group, revealed this fact. While speaking at the AI Frontiers conference in California on Wednesday, he stated

“What this does is it takes an incoming email message and then, given the text of the email message, it tries to predict what are likely responses you might want to give. Now, 10 percent of mobile responses on email on the Inbox product are generated with this Smart Reply feature, so it’s saving people a lot of time.”
The authorities at Google still did not inform about the exact amount of emails sent by AI. However, Google’s Inbox app has consistently been ranked in the top 50 productivity apps. Moreover, it has an active Android following.

The news of AI accounting for one tenth of the responses, which must be in thousands if not millions, speaks volumes of how AI is quickly making headway into applications unthinkable before.
Google introduced Smart Replies in 2015, and later it also added the same feature to another messaging app, Allo. Dean remarked that the feature also worked in one of the company’s April Fools’ Day pranks. In 2009, Google teased a feature called Gmail Autopilot, which claimed that it would respond to all your emails for you. While it was an April Fools’ joke back then, it now seems as we are very close to this turning into a reality!
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