Google Will Now Predict Flight Delays Using Historical Airline Data

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Google will now tell you if your flight is delayed or not before your airline even informs you. Google is using artificial intelligence to predict when the flights will get delayed. The company says that they are using the historical airline data to forecast future problems. The data they are using includes information about previous flight delays as well. According to Google, they can predict the delays as accurately as 80%.

Even though this prediction is not good enough that you may drop your plan to go to the airport. It is still accurate enough to give a hint about any potential issue that may arise and cause the flight delay before you reach the airport. Google has not released a lot of information on what the historical data is that they are using to make the prediction.

Google has confirmed that it will show predictions which will have accuracy more than or equal to 80%. The generated forecasts will appear with the confirmed delays from the airlines. Google Flights will also display the reason for a confirmed delay. Google’s new feature was announced on its Twitter account. It said, “Unsure what’s included in your airfare? Now for airlines including American, United, and Delta, #GoogleFlights helps you see before you buy whether the Basic Economy fare you’ve selected includes important options like overhead bin space, ability to select your seat and more.”

This is a part of some new features that coming to Google Flights which was launched in 2011. Now with the latest update, Google Flights will display all the information which is included in the fare while purchasing the tickets. For instance, if a user selects ‘Basic Economy’, the menu will show what is included in the package like baggage, seat selection, food or if there are any additional charges or not. This feature will be available to American, Delta and United Airlines for now.

Delay predictions are available on Google Flights which can be accessed on mobile app and desktop web both. Google announced this before the upcoming developer conference Google IO 2018, which will be held in California. The annual developer conference sees the US technology firm preview its updates to some of the major products which include Google Photos, Chrome Web Browser and Android 9.0.


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