Google Unveils A Robotic Dog That Helps You Tackle Daily Household Chores

Google’s Robotics Division Reveals An Agile Bot To Tackle The Household Chores_Image 3

Boston Dynamics is well-known among the robot aficionados for its animal and human inspired robots that are as terrifying as they are functional. The company is owned by Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

The latest invention of the Boston Dynamics is no exception. The most recent robot unveiled by the firm is named SpotMini. It is an all-electric version of the original Spot robot. SpotMini comes with four legs and is equipped with an elongated neck. The neck can move the objects and hold them with surprising accuracy.

The company has released a new video featuring the robot running around the house:



The robot is surprisingly agile and stacks the dishwasher gracefully. It even walks up a flight of stairs. It is immune to banana peels, just like humans, but can recover from the fall surprisingly fast.

Google offered Boston Dynamics for sale at the start of 2016. The potential buyers of the company reportedly include Toyota and Amazon.

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