Guy Proves How Google Is Tracking All Your Movements Even When Your Phone Is In The Airplane Mode


We all use Google services as they make our lives easier. But, did you know that Google is tracking your every movement? It is understandable when the location service is on or the phone is connected to the internet. But, in a shocking experiment, two identical phones were carried around all day without having connected to the internet and one of them was in the airplane mode.

(Source: Fox News Insider)

At the end of the day when they were connected to the internet they sent data to Google which accurately tracked the location of where the phones were carried throughout the day. What was more surprising was the fact that the phone on airplane mode saved more locations than the one that was not.

You can see it in the video below:



  1. Jaime Da Silva Reply

    This is why Google is more dangerous to our freedoms (such as they still are) than any government or external danger. I despise Google and a responsible society would not permit this intrusive, arrogant company to exist. I do not use Google for anything. There motto now seems to be, “How evil can you be?”

    • Angus M Reply

      Oh don’t be so paranoid. They are doing nothing evil with your location data. Turn location off if you have something to hide or don’t want the phone to locate you. I welcome the free services Google provides and their care in keeping my personal data private.

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