Google Says It Will Delete Millions Of Accounts In December

Google has issued an urgent warning to millions of Gmail users, notifying them of an impending account purge scheduled to begin in December 2023. The tech giant announced this policy earlier in the year, emphasizing that the primary target will be accounts that have been inactive or unused for at least two years.

The accounts slated for deletion encompass the entire Google Workspace suite, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Google Photos. Users who regularly engage with these services need not worry, as the update is tailored to address security concerns associated with dormant accounts.

According to Google, the move is driven by a proactive security measure. Inactive accounts become prime targets for cybercriminals due to their higher susceptibility to compromise. Forgotten or abandoned accounts often rely on outdated or recycled passwords, lack two-factor authentication, and receive fewer security checks from users. The impending deletion is designed to mitigate these risks and enhance overall account security.

To avoid any data loss or access issues, Google is implementing a series of notifications leading up to the deletion date. These notifications will be dispatched to both the account’s main email address and the recovery email if one has been specified. It is critical that users understand the importance of these alerts and act accordingly. Google wants to ensure its users are adequately informed.

Google’s commitment to user security should prompt account holders to promptly review and update their security settings. According to their analysis, unattended accounts are ten times less likely than active accounts to have enabled two-step verification, a crucial layer of security that foils scammers and fraudsters from gaining unauthorized account access globally.

Essentially, by urging users to be watchful and proactive in protecting their accounts, this program highlights Google’s commitment to upholding a secure online environment.

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