Google Says Bumpy Pixel 8 Screens Are Nothing To Worry About

Pixel phone enthusiasts were greeted with an unexpected quirk in the latest Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models – reports of “bumpy” screens. Unlike previous years, the issue lies not on the smooth glass surface but within the OLED display itself. Users have noticed raised, often circular bumps visible under specific lighting conditions, hinting at internal components pressing against the back of the OLED display.

In response to concerns raised by users, Google has assured the public that these bumps are nothing to worry about. The company shared its stance with 9to5Google, emphasizing that the unusual screen phenomenon is not a cause for long-term concern. This assurance raises questions about what exactly the term “new” displays means, given that all phones come equipped with them.

Despite the reports, it’s worth noting that not all Pixel 8 devices exhibit this peculiar issue. Even among those with bumpy displays, the irregularities are not noticeable during regular usage. Most of the circulated pictures and videos involve shining flashlights into turned-off displays, creating a less alarming scenario for daily phone users.

However, critics argue that the delicate OLED panel being dented by internal components raises concerns about long-term durability. The fear is that this may make the glass or OLED panel more susceptible to breaking after a shock, a deviation from conventional phone construction standards.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything further fueled concerns by dissecting a Pixel 8 Pro with a bumpy screen. While the video did not explicitly address the issue, a freeze-frame reveals alarming indents in the copper sheet on the back of the display, resembling puncture marks.

The sporadic nature of the problem, affecting only certain Pixel 8 units, suggests a quality control issue rather than a deliberate design choice. Questions linger about the cause – are some screws too long, or are components not adequately secured during assembly?

As users continue to debate the impact of these bumps on the long-term performance of Pixel 8 devices, the true test will be if any OLED displays show internal damage without a shattered glass cover. Until then, Google remains confident that these screen irregularities won’t compromise the overall functionality of its latest flagship phones.

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