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Google Officially Announces The New Android P

(Source: New Atlas)

Keeping up with the tradition of the developer version of the new Android being released in March, the latest version of android has been announced. We are still unaware of all the features but perhaps the biggest one is the support for displays with notches that has been inspired by the iPhone X.

To install the earlier version of Android P, you need to have a select number of approved devices like the Pixel phones and need to be registered as a developer with Google. The final release date is yet to be confirmed but the final version will be releasing at some point in the third quarter of the year.

(Source: New Atlas)

Besides the support for notches, the messaging notifications are getting an update and will support smart replies as well as picture previews in the notifications. The enabling of a new technology called WiFi Round Trip Time (RTT) will allow the mapping apps to log your position indoors by pinging nearby routers.

Android P is also able to stream feeds from two cameras simultaneously like the ones on the front and back of your phone. The overall camera capture time has also been sped up with the operating system better able to handle background microphone and camera access. This will reduce chances of people using apps to spy on you.

(Source: New Atlas)

Other features include battery optimization and improved image compression as well as a quicker access to AI-specific features. These changes are minor and for the developer preview release. The major changes will be announced in the near future.

Everyone is patiently waiting for the developer conference which will start on May 8. Google usually announces the new features of the latest version of the Android in this conference. We will have to make do with the details we have until now and patiently wait for Google to give us more.