Google Just Announced The Developer Version Of Android O With Some Exciting Changes

Google recently released the developer version of the latest operating system “Android O, ” and it comes with exciting changes.

Source: Google Developers Blog

Android O is still in early stages and will not be available until next fall, but Google’s vice president of engineering Dave Burke outlined some of the significant changes that can be expected from the upgrade.

“Android O puts a big priority on improving a user’s battery life and the device’s interactive performance,” commented Burke.

So the Android O will be capable of limiting the functions of background applications to save the battery life of your smartphone.

One of the most noticeable features of Android O will be the picture in picture (PIP) option. This feature allows the user to continue watching a video in the presence of interrupting applications. The feature was introduced in iOS 9 and is available in Apple iPads as well.

There will be a significant change in the notification channels to provide better in-app control of notification settings. The notification visuals have been modified, and better grouping options are available that make notification review process easier.

Source: Google Developers Blog

Android O will also offer an auto-fill option for a number of apps. Developers can choose to include or exclude it.  However, if they do include it, it will save a lot of time which is consumed while typing the login credentials over and over again.

The new version offers a much wider color range for applications. This will put your phone’s high-quality display to best use. For optimal audio fidelity, the OS supports high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs like LDAC. If you choose to use a keyboard accessory with your tablet, it will be much more reliable with the Android O.

You can download the early version for free, but it is aimed to be used by the developers only. If you are not one, you can register for the Android Beta program. More features are to be added yet, so you will be able to get the Beta version only close to the completion.

While Google is working to develop the Android O version, you might want to think of some candy name for the version. Google might ask you to drop a suggestion when close to the release date. Perhaps Oreo? Most people are suggesting the same name!

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