Google Might Have Created A Time Crystal

Just when it seems that humans are reaching the point of knowing everything and collecting vast information on the matters of the universe, and life, a new breakthrough slides in, leaving humans mesmerized at the limitlessness and greatness of the universe. Every discovery made now just adds to the fact that humans have very limited access to the possibilities that are entailed by the universe. We can only disclose so much of this boundless universe. However, the discoveries made are still significantly transformative for human life.

Recently, scientists and researchers have discovered a method to create a substance that has been a source of intrigue and curiosity for a long time. They have devised a way of making a time crystal. Time crystals are substances in nature that are in a continuous process of change and yet at the same time, they do not give off energy as waste. This characteristic is defiant of the natural law that everything reduces to entropy.

Google’s Quantum Computing Lab has worked with Princeton and Stanford, along with a few other organizations on this project, as reported by Quanta Magazine. This discovery has created a new category in the phases of matter and created avenues of new possibilities in the quantum computing world. The study co-author and Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems director Roderich Moessner stated that this disobeys the second law of thermodynamics.

The project has allowed the researchers and scientists to bridge the gap between theory and reality by physically manifesting what just existed in theory earlier. If the substance comes through all the tests and trials and is used in practical applications, quantum computing will reach another realm that was thought to be unachievable before.

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