Google Launches Poly – A One Stop Shop For AR And VR Objects

Building a virtual reality app is no small task. Filling out the immersive worlds takes hundreds of hours. This makes it extremely difficult for small studios. Google took a step to solving that problem and making things a little simpler. It just introduced Poly, a library of 3D objects for augmented and virtual reality apps. It contains small everyday objects like an oven to a can of whipped cream as well as huge icebergs.

(Source: TechCrunch)

What makes it so special is that it is completely free. You can go to this online platform and pick something you want to use. If something is slightly different than what you are looking for, you have the option to modify the models. The platform automatically credits the original creator when you upload a modified version of the object.

Poly is intended for use in Google’s VR and AR platforms, but you don’t have to restrict yourself to those as it is platform-independent and can be used for whatever you want. All you have to do is search for something and preview it on your computer or in VR using cardboard or Daydream. Poly comes integrated with Tilt Brush and Blocks design tools to provide people a platform which they are already familiar with.

(Source: 9to5Google)

Google kickstarted the platform by commissioning artists to create thousands of simple 3D objects to place on Poly and now it is growing at a steady pace. This will provide a universal platform for all developers so they don’t have to start from scratch saving hours of time.

Here is a video which shows Poly and the many objects you can access:

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